Lund knows thte the only way to satisfy its customers is to meet ther rigorous quality standards. Lund does this by working without our customers' quality departments to ensure that all necessary quality requirements are being met.

Each new job begins with samples that are approved by our customers, along with first piece quality documentations such as PPAP and ISIR's to make sure that Lund properly understands their customers' specific quality requirements. This assures that Lund is achieving the quality its customers dmeands and no production begins until the customers' quality needs are met.

Lund's in-house Quality Control Department ensures a constant flow of inspections, record keeping, reports, update, and feedback are being preformed to not only maintain specifications and tolerences, but to maximize the quality of the end product every step of the way.

Every process requires inspections with specific gauges, measurement tools, and testing equipment. Lund's inspection teams ensure that tolerences conform to your exact specifications and that the overall quality is maintained.

Please contact us to recieve a copy of our Quality Manual.